Wilko & MCS
Christmas Cracker

An animated extravaganza for Wilko’s Christmas Conference.

Gustav The Gonk

Introducing Gustav The Gonk

We brought Wilko’s favourite Gonk to life with a whimsical and festive animation to help staff get into the Christmas spirit.

Wilko characters

Full of Character

We designed and animated all kinds of fun characters to tell Wilko’s story.

Storyboarded to Perfection

Clear and concise storyboards allow your brand to shine through.

Wilko dancing animation

Animated with love

Our team relish bringing your brand to life frame by frame, allowing them to push their design and animation skills.

Inspire your audience

We pride ourselves on our high production values which include professional voice acting, a bespoke soundtrack and broadcast quality animated content.

Let’s discuss your next project to see how we can help – we like to collaborate.

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