Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific asked us to create a futuristic tour of the Applied Biosystems™ SeqStudio™ Genetic Analyser.

Virtual Product Demonstration

SeqStudio™ is a very different instrument to what is currently available in the life sciences market. Thermo Fisher needed a way to demonstrate the key value propositions of the SeqStudio™ Genetic Analyser without having to use real demo units.

Our solution was to create an interactive, virtual environment to educate and demonstrate the full capabilities of the SeqStudio™ system.


Simple to use

Real-life scientific instruments were modelled with pain-staking detail, so that players could experience these products first-hand. Video tutorials helped to guide first-time users through using the touch controllers.


Instrumental touch controls

The virtual product demonstration was completely tactile, with haptic feedback providing an additional layer of realism.

Park Life

We took users out of the lab to a nearby tranquil park, keeping them in touch via a working vibrating smartphone.

World Tour

The choice to use a contemporary medium such as VR has really paid off in the popularity of Thermo Fisher demos during exhibitions and events. Since launch, the SeqStudio™ demo has been making its way around the globe. From France to Australia and Korea, next to Thailand and the USA.

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