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As an industry-leading provider of award-winning HR and Payroll software solutions, MHR wanted to improve their external perception and position their brand as a thought leader.

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Convincing Results, Impressive Outcome

MHR saw the highest amount of website traffic ever on the day ‘Meet James’ went live. As a result, our video production has helped MHR convert several major leads from the ‘Meet Me’ campaign so far. With excellent feedback from customers and an increase in website traffic since campaign launch, we’re expecting a lot more to come.

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Achieving a relatable experience

Our solution was a humorous, yet sincere take on the definition of what it means to live a “double life”; featuring a Rock Star Payroll manager, a Wrestling HR manager and James the Synchronised swimming Team Leader. We used these personas to demonstrate how implementing MHR’s services and solutions provides its users with the ultimate work/life balance.

Engaging Video Campaign

The video campaign focused upon conveying the beneficial power of MHR’s software and services through a series of humorous videos to encourage the industry to talk about people rather than products.

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