Life Technologies
video trilogy

Cinematic viral videos leading up to a global product launch

Thermo Fisher Scientific Video

Translating technical concepts into creative campaigns

Creating pre-event build up videos to promote ProtienSeq System for Life Technologies.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Video

Sci-Fi movie effects at an efficient price

Spinning Clock has a highly talented team of in-house motion graphics designers and 3D animators. By keeping work in-house we’re able to deliver stunning blockbuster effects at an affordable cost. Using the latest software available and a suite of powerful video editing workstations our team was able to create the futuristic tone our client required.


The event campaign was launched as a microsite where delegates could register interest and visit the stand to collect their free gift.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Video

Part One: The Clue

The first teaser video sets the scene. A researcher, working late in a futuristic research laboratory,  is left a confidential note that could be about to change the way he works forever…

Part Two: The Light

Following an anonymous tip off, the researcher finds himself in a top secret laboratory storage area. He unlocks an unusual secure container and peers inside to find further incredible revelations.

Part Three: The Revolution

Using information given to him in an incredible vision the researcher boots up a holographic screen and reveals the incredible impact of the ProteinSEQ™ revolution.

360 Degree Campaign...

As well as producing, filming, editing and completing the post-production work on this series of videos we also created other marketing collateral for the global launch. These included a product micro-site as well as a totally bespoke series of merchandise featuring key elements from the promotional video. This promotional material was supplied by our SC-M bespoke merchandise division.

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