What Is Video Production?

At it’s most basic level, video production can cover the creation of any form of moving image, from live action content to a combination of animation, motion graphics and VFX. We at Spinning Clock pride ourselves at being able to deliver all kinds of video production content to a high level, working to almost any budget and brief.

Homemade videos

Mostly however, when we talk about video production we are generally discussing the filming of live action, editing it together and developing the footage in post production. With this in mind there are a number of ways that a video can be produced to suit a variety of content and budgets. This ranges from homemade videos filmed with mobile devices to large scale productions using high end equipment and facilities with a dedicated film crew.

At the lowest end of the scale budget wise, homemade videos are usually created with smartphones, tablets, action cameras (such as a GoPro) or camcorders. Such videos can often be for the purpose of saving memories such as a family trip to the beach, or spontaneous filming for delivery to social media channels or video portals such as Youtube, and if you are really lucky they can even go viral. Mostly though, although this content is fine for sharing with family and friends, if you require delivery to a wider audience then further expertise, equipment and production value may be required.

Professional Camera

Take it one step further and you may use a camera operator with a professional camera. This will dramatically improve the quality of the final video. However there will be no specialist sound engineer to ensure that sound is captured to the highest quality and no extra equipment to control lighting. Because of this shots may be lost due to poor sound quality and lighting, making editing difficult.

Videographer and a Sound Operator

A level higher and we have a videographer and a sound operator who work together to provide higher production value to your video. The videographer will have a high spec camera (or two) and will be very skilled at their profession. The sound operator will look after the audio recorded by the videographer to make sure that it is crystal clear and that there is minimal background noise. More than one camera may be used when recording interviews and so to provide a different view to edit to, and simple lighting may be used to create a more professional look and feel. This footage can be combined with high quality stock footage to create a final video that looks much higher budget than it actually is.

Multiple Cameras

Next comes a multi camera setup in a studio or on a set. This is used for broadcast quality video found on TV. By using the multiple cameras at different angles the editors can pinpoint the best angle at every specific moment so that the audience can get the full effect of what is happening on screen. The cameras are manoeuverable but generally stay in the same position, although extra equipment such as dollies and jibs may be used for camera moves. Lighting and sound will be completely supervised, allowing for complete control in the editing process.

Production truck with a TV crew

Finally, for filming at external locations or remote areas a production truck with a full crew may be required. This allows content to be filmed in far away or isolated places. Such vehicles usually carry high end equipment for every possible eventuality and may also have editing workstations so editors can edit on location. By using spectacular locations as a backdrop for your video you can add a tremendous amount of production value, adding a sense of scale and context to your storytelling that would not be achievable in a constrained set.

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What Is A Video Production Company?

So what does a video production company actually do? It is probably easier to describe a video production company in this instance as a “full service” video production company, in order to fully explain this question. Whilst this phrasing might conjure up initial pound signs in the eyes of those wishing to create a video production, that might not necessarily be the case, as any good video production company will be able to manage the expectations and budgets of their clients. This is something we, at Spinning Clock, pride ourselves on.

A good, full service video production company, should do exactly what they say on the tin. They should lead their client through a video project from start to finish, from concept to the final release. There is a tremendous amount of work that can go into video production, making full use of the services of project managers, writers, producers, directors, art directors, editors, audio engineers and camera operators. All work as specialists in pulling together all of the components needed to generate a final video piece.

The collective experience and wisdom of all of these specialists is what makes a video production company so vital in helping their clients realise the full impact and potential of an initial idea. Here at Spinning Clock, we have helped a range of clients use video production as a primary asset for a campaign, as well as smaller scale additions to wider projects, which all adds to further brand awareness, highlight key information or communicate ideas in an engaging and often fun way.

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Video Production: The Process

So if video production requires all of the aforementioned components what exactly is involved in the process? What technology and software is needed to make it happen? Well, in order to grasp it more fully, here is an example structure you can expect at any good production studio:

Step 1 – Pre-Production

This is establishing all of the key componants needed to ensure a smooth and cost effective video production. This stage is absolutely vital in order to keep the project on target, and with all the key talent, and locations established. This stage includes: script writing, storyboarding, finalising budgets, sourcing talent and locations, research and so on.

Step 2 – Production

This is where the “assets”, or material and components that will be used in the final edit, are created. This involves: graphic creation, lighting, stage and set work, doing the camerawork, animation and live sound recording.

Step 3 – Post-Production

This is the point at which you bring together all of the assets and edit the video together. This includes editing of raw footage, and sound, including music, voiceovers and effects. It also includes all the amendments that come with feedback after watching any “rough drafts” that are created.

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Step 4 – Delivery

This is the point at which you bring together all of the assets and edit the video together. This includes editing of raw footage, and sound, including music, voiceovers and effects. It also includes all the amendments that come with feedback after watching any “rough drafts” that are created.

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This is a very typical video production workflow, and whilst there are a great number of variable elements, that doesn’t mean that the video needs to cost the earth. As long as the pre-production stage is as watertight and well thought out as it can be, it can ensure an efficient video production process, which in part can keep the overall project costs down.

It is worthwhile mentioning that the cost of a well made video production comes as much from the expertise of the video production companies as it does from the expensive and sometimes complicated technology needed to create a video.

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Why Choose Video Production?

So whilst we’ve covered what a Video Production company actually does, we are left wondering why do people hire them? Why is video production an important communicative tool for people or companies to consider? The overarching answer is a simple one, people remember information that is presented through auditory combined with a visual. If people are simply listening to words, then their retentive rate for that information is very low. Therefore, video offers a powerful medium or tool at the behest of anyone wishing to convey a message.

Videos can be used to positively affect a business. For instance, there are studies to suggest that people are more likely to remain on a website longer if there is a video to watch. Not only that, but we are living in a highly digitised age, where video content is made, shown and reviewed every second of the day on a global scale. It is readily available on personal media devices, and thus, any company wishing to catch the attention of a media savvy generation needs to be producing content that pushes creative boundaries and catches attention.

Using a video production company is the best way to achieve high quality results for video content. They have a tried and tested formula that guarantees good results. They are full of skilled professionals who know how to get the best from the content and how to plan it in accordingly. And lastly, they take the pressure away from those who want to convey their message, but without the means to do it.


Video production is considered an art. This is because when it is done well, the results can inspire audiences and stir up emotions. It can change the viewer’s mindset to believe something new, or it can sway opinions and instruct on vital information. Video production has a clear and well tested process, and though this will vary from project to project, the essence of its creation remains the same. There is an entire industry based around making the best and most cutting edge videos.

At Spinning Clock we have a team of dedicated video production experts that understand how to convey your brand message and bring it to the attention of your targeted audience. If you would like to discuss a video production project for you or your company, please call us now on 0115 943 0777, email us: hello@spinningclock.com or fill in the short form on our contact us page.

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