Corporate Videos: The What, Why & How

Corporate videos are an incredibly powerful way to engage your audience: they are shareable, engaging and dynamic means of communicating ideas. With increasing wifi access and increasing bandwidth speeds, corporate videos are becoming increasingly ubiquitous.

Viral videos

You only have to spend a moment on social media to notice there are an incredible variety of creatively ways to communicate your message through video. Corporate videos can do many things including promoting products. This video from the Old Spice company promoting one of their products has collected over 53 million views so far!

Corporate videos

Corporate videos which are tailored to a specific target audience have the potential to be just as appealing as their entertainment counterparts. Indeed this classic from Apple shows that a large corporate brand message doesn’t need to be dry and boring. Corporate video production can include a brilliant amount of creativity through the use of storytelling, an engaging message and professional production

Types of corporate video

A corporate video is simply another powerful corporate marketing tool that uses moving image. This could live action video, animation, motion graphics or 3D animation – or a combination of all 3. This corporate video Spinning Clock created for Fortress Interlocks uses live action filming. Such corporate video productions by businesses can take several forms – including training videos, demonstrations, videos intended to raise brand awareness, marketing videos to directly sell a product or service, or business to business corporate productions.

Corporate video production

Corporate video production refers to the process of making a corporate video. This usually involves a company deciding on their objectives for the video, writing a brief, contacting a video production company like Spinning Clock and then the real production of the video takes place. The stages of video production with Spinning Clock start with a free creative consultation, our proposal of how this corporate video solution might look stylistically. This then moves into storyboarding, scripting and then the creation of video material either through live action filming or in-studio animation or 3D animation.

What makes corporate productions so exciting is a company can really make their production their own – and they need not be big budget to have a big impact with their viewers. Spinning Clock are experts at creating engaging, creative and innovative videos on a wide range of budgets.

Why Produce a Corporate Video?

So what’s in it for your company? Here are four quick-fire reasons why corporate videos are an essential way of helping you stand out to your target audiences and can prove pivotal in your business’ continued success.

Corporate videos are flexible and multi-purpose?

Whether you want to train your staff, promote your services to other businesses, encourage behaviour change or tell your brand’s story, a corporate video is a hugely powerful tool. They can be whatever you want them to be: live action, animated, a big budget feature-film style, a cost effective showcase, an innovative promotional advert or an instructional guide. The adaptability of video production means you can create video that meets your aims on your own terms and within the constraints of your budget. You can then obviously share the video far and wide through social media. This promotional video series Spinning Clock did for Thermo Fisher Scientific was release over social media in the weeks leading up to a major product launch and generated a huge buzz about the event:

They can boost your SEO

Search Engine Optimization is critical to ensure your websites, and therefore your products or services, are appearing on the first few pages of search engines such as Google. Creating corporate videos with SEO keywords that internet users most search in your corporate video title could spell big success. If you have used SEO keywords in your videos they are more likely to been seen fulfilling your marketing aims in the process.

Company video productions encourage creative freedom

Corporate videos come with a creative license. This creativity can spark the interest of your target audience in a new and exciting way. Making a corporate video is a valuable opportunity for innovation of your company. The video format allows you to confirm the appeal of your company. You may want to create a promo video to align your product with popular culture, you may use cutting edge CGI or virtual reality or enlist actors to tell a story or recreate a particular scenario. This promotional video for Agilent technologies users both actors and a very talented Opera singer to create a magical product promotional video:

Your video might just go viral

Making a successful corporate video that social media users are sharing, liking and talking about can progress your business endlessly. With video media giants such as YouTube being used by millions of consumers the potential to create corporate videos with viral appeal is available to all! A viral campaign can create long lasting brand loyalty as well as immediate exposure. This video for dollar shave Company has over 23 million views:

Producing a Corporate Video: Tips for Success

We know it can be a daunting task to determine what exactly to include in your corporate video and what mistakes to steer well clear of, you can use our tips for success to point you in the right direction. Alternatively, if you’d prefer pick up the phone and call us on 0115 943077 for a chat or drop us an email at for a chat about how we can help you with your corporate video production.

Plan your corporate video

Regardless of the type of corporate video you want to make your video should be of a high quality so people want to watch it. Carrying out a video production can be a time-consuming task but things are much more likely to go to plan if you have one to start with. Before beginning production, stop and think about these questions:

  • What am I aiming to achieve with my corporate video?
  • Who is the target audience I want to reach?
  • How will I put this message across?
  • How is my concept different to others, how is it appealing and what is the emotional connection with the target audience?
  • When am I aiming to complete this project?
  • What resources do I have and how can I source the external resources I need to finish this project?

Once you can answer these questions, focusing on how you will achieve a quality video is essential. We can help you here with some friendly advice, providing creative ideas, professional videographers, filmmakers, actors, writers,animators and editors..

Focus on what you want your viewers to feel

People are social – they want to personally connect to the content your company produces. The best way to connect with your audience using a company video is to create a video that that evokes genuine emotion.

This could mean creating a parody, drawing on popular culture, enlisting a member of staff or a customer to provide a video testimonial of their positive experience of your company or drawing on prevalent political, economic or social issues that are relevant to your industry. A great example of this is the ‘Like a Girl’ campaign produced by Always which successfully created a conversation across social media about gender-normative roles whilst simultaneously drawing positive attention to the ‘Always’ brand in the process.

Keep it short

Consumers like media that is succinct, attention-grabbing and easy to consume in the midst of day to day life. When making a corporate video it is essential to know what information is most important for you to put across so you don’t deviate into a lengthy video that does nothing for those you are targeting your production at. Keep everything you include relevant and fresh, viewers are much more likely to want to watch your content and pass it on. 30 - 90 seconds is a great length for social media. This short video created by Spinning Clock Promotes the National Videogame Arcade in just over 60 seconds:

Be SEO Smart and get your video seen

The success of a corporate video is in who sees it. It’s incredibly important to make your video readily available across popular sharing platforms as well as on your own systems and social media. As previously mentioned if you used SEO techniques putting your video out there on the internet will be even more effective.

So are Corporate Videos Worth it?

If you want to progress your company in a creative and shareable why, yes! Corporate videos don’t have to be dull and dreary, on the contrary, they can allow a business to connect with their market in a unique and genuine way. Corporate video productions can be so successful that they become wildly popular based on their quality, content and use of tailored SEO. It takes some planning and focusing on who your target audience is and how you can communicate with them but any company has the potential to create a successful corporate video. Get in touch to start yours now!

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