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Engaging content to inform, inspire and educate.

Engaging and informative

Spinning Clock have created training and educational videos for thousands of staff members across multiple global companies. We have led key personnel through critical government processes as well as enlightening pupils on essential areas such as cultural heritage and tolerance.

Creative and targeted

Spinning Clock pride ourselves on creating training material that is both entertaining and informative. Our creative team will harness the core objectives of your training material and turn it into a video or video series that is targeted, educational and memorable.

A uniform message for all

Whether you use training videos as part of an e-learning programme or a face-to-face session in a classroom we will ensure that our training videos deliver a uniform and consistent message that guarantees your pupils receive the same clear information regardless of where or when they view the material.

Working in partnership with you

Training videos can add incredible power to the educational process. A truly effective training video will instantly increase pupil engagement, improve retention and reduce the need for staff to run over the same material over and over.

We will work with you to understand your key messages, the tone you wish to set, stylistic treatments you like and then storyboard everything so there are no surprises. Through over 14 years of experience, a passion for video creation and an ever-improving staff team we know Spinning Clock will deliver a training video you can be proud of.

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