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Raise the profile of your product to a new level.

Powerful, targeted sales tool

Nothing delivers a sales message quite like a promotional product video: Emotive, engaging, memorable and motivational. Spinning Clock will work with you to make sure your message is delivered and objectives are achieved. Whether that is increasing sales, raising the profile of a brand or service or launching a new product to the world!

Creativity as standard

Spinning Clock work for some of the world’s greatest storytellers including The Walt Disney Company and The BBC and we pride ourselves on our ability to convey messages with creativity and continually think beyond the obvious. Regardless of budget we infuse all of our projects – whether high production or low budget – with sophisticated concepts and imaginative execution.

Cross platform and multi-function

We will ensure your video content and the message within it can be used on every possible device from smart phone to 4k television - and indeed in a variety of contexts. We can edit your product video into a bite-sized sting for social media or an in-depth product showcase for events or training events. You let us know what you need and we’ll create it.

We work in collaboration with you

Promotional product videos can add incredible traction to the sales process. A truly effective product video will instantly increase sales and reduce the need for staff to do the ‘hard sell’ or continually regurgitate a sales message.

We will work with you to understand your key sales messages, the tone you wish to set, stylistic treatments you like and then storyboard everything so there are no surprises. Through over 14 years of experience, a passion for video creation and an ever-improving staff team we know Spinning Clock will deliver a product video you can be proud of.

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