Corporate videos

Creative promotion of your values and services.

Powerful and succinct

Spinning Clock has created corporate videos for a great range of companies. From International blue chip clients such as the Halma Group and Lloyds Register to smaller, dynamic companies such as T Bailey and Capita 360. We create powerful corporate videos that deliver memorable sales messages and get you noticed.

Reflect your companies values and character

Corporate videos should do more than just tell your story and explain your service. A powerful corporate video will create a momentum of interest in your service. It will reflect your company values, your character and naturally motivate suitable future clients to want to get in touch. A great corporate video will work hard for you to generate new business and get your message out there.

Show don’t tell

Using video to promote your company opens up a whole world of creative possibilities. Spinning Clock pride ourselves on having an exceptional award winning team of creatives that can tell your story in a wide range of creative ways. Whether your corporate video requires animation, cgi and sfx or a more conventional promotional video style we can show your customers why your company is so unique. Spinning Clock will deliver your USP’s with creativity and flare.

Results driven for your chosen outcome

Corporate videos can achieve many different outcomes. Whether your objective is to explain your strategy and company history to potential investors or whether it is to promote your company’s unique offering and generate new customers, Spinning Clock will work with you to create a powerful video.

We will work with you to understand your key messages, the tone you wish to set, stylistic treatments you like and then storyboard everything so there are no surprises. Through over 14 years of experience, a passion for video creation and an ever-improving staff team we know Spinning Clock will deliver a corporate video you can be proud of.

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