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Bespoke app solutions for an evolving marketplace.

Tailored and unique

Creating an app naturally opens up a huge wealth of possibilities. With the progression of smartphone technologies the possibilities are huge. Spinning Clock will work with you to realise your objectives, define the goals of the app and work with our development team to create a robust solution.

Reflect your values

Your app is an extension of your company’s values and its services. We will provide you with a detailed design plan, storyboarded content and clearly defined overview so you can be sure of the final look and feel of your final app.

Simple and efficient

Creating an app doesn’t need to be complicated. There are many ways to create an app – whether that is building on a template-based system, adapting an existing framework or approaching it from a totally bespoke, hand coded, line-by-line creation. We will work will you to ensure the simplest, most efficient approach is taken.

Working in partnership with you

We will work with you to understand the key functionality you need, the objectives of the app, the tone you wish to set, stylistic treatments you like and then provide prototype versions of the app as it evolves through the design process.

As with all of our services Spinning Clock pride ourselves on our innovation, creativity and client focus. Our app development service is no different.

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