All About Exhibitions: Stands, Design and Lighting

If you have decided to exhibit your brand at an event, great choice – it will give you an invaluable opportunity to interact with your customers on a personal level. The next step is to ensure that your exhibition stand is well designed to meet your objectives, appeal to your target audience and draw in those visitors.

Exhibition stand design tips

Before you start to design an exhibition stand for your brand there are two things you should consider first. What is your reason for this particular exhibit and what is the message that you want to convey to your audience about your brand or product?

Establishing a theme

Our first piece of advice for creating a great exhibition stand would be to establish a theme. To do this, make sure your theme reflects the personality of your brand, for example, if you are an IT company a modern or even futuristic theme would be ideal. Reinforce this theme using creative and materials that appeal to your target audience as well as the personality of the brand. Fabric and wood can help to create a softer scheme, while glossy white surfaces and chrome can give a more cutting-edge, contemporary look.


You should also be taking advantage of the space that is given to you. Try and find out the dimensions of the area that has been given to you so you can maximise the potential of your exhibition stand. As well as finding out the length and width you can also use the height to literally tower over everybody else’s exhibitions. Whilst you would want everybody to take as much notice as possible it’s key to remember not to over fill the exhibition with merchandise or infographics that could crowd out the whole area.

Text and imagery

Try to steer clear of using too much text as this can turn potential customers off. Instead you’ll want to make a more immediate impact with images and single key words. Any additional information can be provided face-to-face by a member of staff.

By using appealing images of a good size and putting them in the right place where they can be easily seen you can engage more customers. As well as gaining the interest of more customers the right image could display more in a single second than a staff member could in two minutes.

Spinning Clock can help you

We can help you to create a bespoke exhibition stand that is impressive and eye-catching. However if your budget is limited there are a variety of options for pop-up modular stands that you can mix and match to fit your budget and event space. Using a modular set-up does not mean that you have to compromise on design – we can create visuals with high impact that will make you stand out no matter budget!


Never underestimate the power of lighting. Lighting can do more than just brighten up the room. You can use it to create a particular atmosphere. You may choose to use specific colours such as blue to make a relaxed ambience. This can be handy when trying to portray the personality of your brand, product or company. You can use spotlighting to highlight key aspects of your stand design, such as your company logo or an interesting infographic.

Building the right stand: key considerations

There are lots of different aspects to consider with a good stand design. The largest surfaces will be your walls and flooring so these provide a great opportunity for high-impact design that really communicates your brand’s personality.

TV screens

You may like to incorporate TV screens into your design – either integrated into the walls or displayed on a stand or item of furniture. Screens are an effective way of visually spreading your message. They can be used to inform and also entertain customers using video content, graphics and animation. If you really want to hit home on this front and have the money for it, you could use 4K screens to really dazzle the customers. This is probably worth the extra cost if you specialise in graphics;primarily because they show off the detail and quality that you put into your work.


Using monitors can also be helpful, and they also have the option of being interactive. You could show people how your product functions by using virtual reality on the monitor. This is especially useful if your product is too big to bring to a trade show or similar events.

Adding interest and personality

When considering the layout of your stand you may want to include furniture to add interest and personality. Think about what each visitor to your stand – will they need a place to sit, for example? Will you be providing refreshments? If so, you should think about where to conceal rubbish or dirty cups. If you are asking your visitors to fill in contact forms, ensure there is a suitable surface for them to rest on.

Having storage on the stand is important for ensuring the area remains tidy. If you are giving away merchandise or printed literature, you won’t want to have it all on display at once as this may make your stand look cluttered and unprofessional.

Equally you won’t want to have your members of staff running back and forth to a store room to replenish supplies! Functionality is key, but don’t forget that furniture is a great way to inject some personality into your stand – whether you go for trendy bar stools or traditional Chesterfield sofas – the right choice can really enhance the theme of your stand.

You’ve got the exhibition stand: what’s next?

Now that you have your exhibition stand, let’s discuss how to really make it outstanding.

  • First of all make sure you have the right look and feel. Do the posters and signs reflect the purpose of your stand and does what the staff are wearing suit the brand? Don’t underestimate the importance of appearance as this can have an effect on your brand’s image and possibly give the wrong impression if it’s not done right.
  • You should always remember that bigger does not always equal better. The stand should focus on your objectives and not on having the biggest stand possible. It can show ambition but there’s no point in having a huge space if you can only fill half of it.
  • It’s always wise to try and set up the stand before the show so you can get a feel for what your area is like. This way when the show is taking place, it doesn’t take half of the day to get in to the groove of things.
  • There is a good reason for experimentation: finding the best possible solution. You should do this with your lighting, technology and sounds. Why not try different colours in your lighting to get different types of atmosphere and see which one suits you best.
  • If you are using merchandise to gain the interest of leads make sure you give away something helpful that they are likely to use. You can read more about using promotional merchandise to enhance your event marketing here. Make sure you keep your stand tidy and don’t overcrowd the stand with merchandise or literature.
  • As well as the look of your stand, the atmosphere is just as key. Make sure your staff are friendly and approachable, and knowledgeable about your products and services. It can be handy to have a bilingual speaker with you as well.

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