Motion Graphics

Motion graphics can add clarity to your message, delivering complex information in a short space of time.

Add creative sparkle to your brand

Motion graphics allow you to create a real wow factor with your video and add polish to what may otherwise be fairly bland content. We can create all kinds of designs to suit any budget. From simple 2D content to technical 3D animation or anywhere inbetween, we can advise you on how best to add value to your video with motion graphics.

Attract your audience

Using motion graphics are a good way to attact and retain your target audience by adding visual interest. Using motion graphics to make your video stand out can really help your brand seem progressive and exciting.

Visually explain information

Motion graphics can make even the mundane seem fun and interesting. It can visualise statistics or highlight important information in your video content. Your audience are much more likely to remember these visual messages than simply listening to a voiceover.

Simplify complicated concepts

Sometimes extremely scientific concepts can be difficult to explain simply with video content. In this instance motion graphics can come into their own by using visual metaphors or illustrations to clarify these demanding ideas. At Spinning Clock we have many years of experience of doing just this with clients such as Thermo Fisher Scientific and the Halma Group.

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