Tell your story with a character

At Spinning Clock we believe that stories are one of the most effective ways to communicate your brand message, and to tell stories you need characters. An audience can connect with a character in a very personal way and make your message all the more memorable.

Creative and unique

As with any design process, characters must be carefully created so that they appeal to your target audience. We are able to create characters to suit any style of animation, be it 2D, 3D, hand drawn or even a model to be used in a stop motion production!

Timeless yet flexible

The beauty of character animation is that if they are designed well, your characters should never age. They can be used time and again for new animations or rolled out into your other marketing campaigns in areas such as web or print.

Scaleable to your budget

Although you may think that character animation is quite time consuming and therefore expensive, with a little planning and creative design it can be tailored to fit most budgets. For only a relatively small outlay you may be able to obtain a brand avatar that captivates your audience and has the potential to reach millions of viewers.

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