Visual FX and CGI

Cutting edge, competively priced digital effects that enhance your video content

Make the impossible possible

Visual effects and CGI allow you to create scenes that would simply not be possible in camera and will thrill your audience. From creating new backdrops for scenes using greenscreen, to creating complicated 3D content composited into a shot, we can work with you to make your ideas reality (at least on screen!).

Freedom to tell your story

Freeing you from restrictions on set design or location allows you to have the confidence that your creative vision will be fulfilled. We can add in props, remove unwanted backdrops or objects, or even create entire virtual sets for your actors to perform in.

Make your budget work harder

Although CGI can seem an unnecessary expense, it is in fact far cheaper to plan ahead and utilise the work of our VFX artists for shots that would simply be too expensive to recreate physically in camera. With a carefully prepared storyboard and our expertise you can include as many VFX shots as you need without going outside the scope of your budget.

Have complete control

VFX and CGI can be completely controlled in postproduction, meaning that they can be tweaked or amended long after the original film shoot has finished. Our talented team of editors, VFX artists and sound engineers can polish your scenes until you are happy for them to be shown to your audience.

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