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Spinning Clock is an award winning animation production studio that creates high quality animated videos at a sensible price and in sensible timeframes.

Business to Business Animation

We work with businesses of all size from SME's to major global brands like Disney creating exciting, engaging digital content. Our in house animation and video production team specialize in writing and telling stories using character animation, motion graphics and 3D animation with explosive special effects. Our powerful animations are designed to help your business sell products, train your staff and tell your story in an interesting, engaging way.

How we work with you

First we will assign an experienced team to your project and provide you with a single point of contact who will work closely with you to understand the objectives of your project. Our Creative Director will help set the tone and style for a powerful script that tells the story. The animation producers then start to do what they do best, creating hand-drawn storyboards and guiding you through the process of telling your story clearly and effectively.

Characters, environments and assets that reflect your products and services will then be created for review. We will show you a range of animation styles, at all times making recommendations on the right level of 2D and 3D content, effects and content, to make your animation suit your audience.

Who do we do it for

We work with organisations of all sizes from award winning start-ups like NearSt to established brands like The Walt Disney Company, The Department of Health and Wilkos.

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