At Spinning Clock we use OKR goal-setting frameworks to determine project objectives. We define measurable goals and track project outcomes.

Allocate Software Healthcare Campaign 60,000+ Printed Documents 12,000 Branded Merchandise Items 175+ Projects Completed
Capita Exhibition Stand 150 Delegates Engaged 50 Product Demos 25 Sales Leads
CM Conference, Event Branding Animations 1,200 Delegate Views 81 Speaker Introductions 550 AR Activations
Department of Health 80 Exhibition Stands Built 250,000 Delegates Engaged 98,000 Data Submissions
The Manufacturer’s Association Conference 800 Industry Leader Engagements 5,000 British Businesses Represented Viral Sharing KPI’s Met
NHS Choices Campaign 300 Trade Shows 100,000+ Promotional Items Distributed 65 Day Roadshow Rollout
Nottingham City Council, City Guide App 20,000 Maps Distributed 37,000+ Miles walked using app Most Downloaded City Guide 2017
Public Health England, Change4Life Roadshows 80 Healthcare Events 47,000 Families Signed Up RAR Award Best in Events Award Winner
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Cell Culture Basics Virtual Lab 250+ Interaction Points 45 minutes of training Creative Communication Award 2022 Winner: Innovative Technologies
Thermo Fisher Scientific, North America Roadshows 2,500+ Customers who tried the VR Experience 25 Events IHAA Award with Thermo Fisher Scientific
Thermo Fisher Scientific, PCR Quest Mobile Game 1,200,000+ Views 1000+ Levels Most requested staff game 2020
Thermo Fisher Scientific, STEM Events 4 Global Events First of its kind Micro cell level 3D Models Four month showcase in the Museum of Sweden
Thermo Fisher Scientific VR Experience 300+ Custom 3D models US Launch In Washington DC First VR Experience in Thermo Fisher Scientific’s history
The Walt Disney Company Spinning Clock animation team created 3D interactive Disney characters 2 Week event in Westfield Shopping Centre Disney Store sell out of promoted brands during show dates

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