Dream Big Campaign with Nottingham Forest.

We were thrilled to be approached by Nottingham Forest to help them celebrate the 40th anniversary of their European Cup championship win.


The brief, which came directly from the club’s owner; Mr Evangelos Marinakis, was to create an educational campaign for children aged 5-11 years. The focus was to encourage children to set their sights high, becoming more ambitious based on Forest’s own aspirational success story.


Nottingham Forest went from being a struggling second division club to winning two European Cups, back-to-back, becoming one of the greatest football league teams in the late 70s and early 80s. Their success was guided by the most unique and charismatic football manager of the time – Mr Brian Clough. This made the brief particularly exciting for Tim Bassford; our Creative Director who posed with the real European Cup, as a small child, in his neighbour’s garden back in the 80s.


We needed to touch on themes of hope, desire and drive to excite and inspire young children, eventually landing on the creative hook; Dream Big. This statement expressed the scale and positivity behind the miraculous journey Brian Clough and his team took, which helps to show children they too can achieve great things with passion, hard work and determination.


The campaign centred around a short-film, which combined live footage and a collage, almost stop motion-style animation to visualise this historical football tale in a more contemporary and compelling way for the intended age group. Storyboards and style sheets as well as animation tests were produced for review by Nottingham Forest’s Media Director; Jonny Owen (Svengali, I Believe in Miracles) to ensure the film and accompanying educational materials were on brand.


The extended team made this campaign a real joy to work on – we had a fantastic cast from Nottingham’s very own BAFTA-winning TV Workshop alongside two-time European Cup winner (and Nottingham Forest’s own Captain Marvel); John McGovern who kindly narrated the film.

It’s been a great experience seeing this campaign take shape and breathing new life into this remarkable story. We’re looking forward to this campaign rolling-out across Nottinghamshire primary schools where we hope children across the country will be inspired, in all things they do, to Dream Big.