Getting inside the Particle Pro with 3D Animation

In preparation for their new product launch, Filtertechnik asked Spinning Clock to create a sophisticated 3D promotional video for the Particle Pal Pro, which visualised the product and its benefits inside and out.


Filtertechnik wanted a glossy 3D animation to show:

  1. The external view of the product showcasing features.
  2. Accurate internal works of the product, to the same spec as CAD
  3. The journey of the oil through the Particle Pro


Working closely with Filtertechnik to understand the product, storyboard the journey and highlight key features, we then developed low resolution versions for speedy turn around times and feedback. Everything was then rendered out at high-res to produce the super slick look in the video below.


…Spinning Clock has been a real pleasure to work with through the entire process. Great communication right from the start has produced an outstanding video which has surpassed everyone’s expectations.

Will Struthers-Frost, Technical Manager, Filtertechnik

A quick note to say thank you for the exceptional video animation for our Particle Pal Pro.  It’s exceeded our expectations and we look forward to launching the product with this video front and centre as part of the campaign.

Richard Price, Managing Director, Filtertechnik

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