2019: New Clients, Launches & what’s in Development

January has already been a busy start to the year for the SC Team and we have a lot of exciting projects lined-up for the 2019 – here’s a little insight into what we are up to at SC HQ!

New Client: Beckman Coulter

At the end of last year we took on a new client Beckman Coulter Inc. an American company that makes biomedical laboratory instruments. With over 10,000 employees around the Globe, Beckman is the perfect fit for our Life Sciences portfolio and we are already loving meeting some of the awesome teams as we develop new campaigns for 2019

Our Life Sciences portfolio continues to develop rapidy as we develop VR, AR and a range of traditional digital content for this market place. We are anticipating growth of our extensive repertoire and our experienced design team will be building on thier in-depth knowledge of the industry as we push boundaries and reposition major brands in this marketplace.

New Client: Nottingham Forest

Another new client for 2019 is Nottingham Forest Football Club. We are privilaged to have been chosen to working with our local football team, we’ve been tasked to create an animation that captures the history of Nottingham Forest and generates a new found passion in kids and young adults to get involved in sport.

Some big names involved in this project including the owner of the team, so we are very happy to be involved!

In Dev: VR for Thermo Fisher Scientific & UoC

Following the roll-out of a range of VR and AR projects in 2018, Thermo Fisher Scientific have partnered with the University of California in San Diego and asked us to create an in-depth Virtual Reality exoperience which allows the user fully immerse themselves into a ‘learning’ environment.

The VR experience is set to be released in March and will become a permanent installation in the UoC

Live: The Snowboard Asylum AR Experience

After the initial release of the Augmented Reality shopping experience for The Snowboard Asylum in Covent Garden, more brands are set to come on board in 2019 to enhance the retail experience even further. Read more here!

Partnership Growth

We’re also continuing to work with our long-term clients Tunstall, Allocate, MHR and CWT on multiple projects already rolling out for the 2019 year ahead.

Team Growth

We are recruiting for Project Managers and Designers so if you want to get involved contact

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