VR: Making advanced technology and premium products accessible to anyone with a smartphone

It’s no secret that VR provides an all immersive experience which can deliver interactive content to users. With VR becoming increasingly accessible and inexpensive for users, companies can utilise VR to demonstrate their products to the masses – and Thermo Fisher Scientific are no exception.

Thermo Fisher Scientific asked us to create a futuristic tour of the Applied Biosystems™ SeqStudio™ Genetic Analyser. Our solution was to create an interactive virtual environment which allowed them to fully demonstrate their innovative product.

We have previously created VR experiences for Thermo Fisher Scientific to use at events to drive sales and educate users about their portfolio of immunoassays projects along the journey. Now they came back requesting something a little different.


We created a VR experience which enabled their customers to try out their product through the use of a free app which could be downloaded straight onto their smartphone or tablet giving the option of two different viewing options – through a VR headset or simply using the touch screen.

By using the VR headset along with their new app, it allows Thermo Fisher to easily promote, demonstrate and share their product, while reducing the risk, costs and pressures which would come with the logistics behind transporting the actual product. By making the VR content mobile-friendly, Thermo Fisher can bring a mini VR experience to anyone at anytime, anywhere.


The app uses “gaze control” while using the VR headset to allow for an immersive, interactive and informative experience. The app also allows for further information on the product to be found, linking some of the material to their website.

The app has now been released on the Google Play store and looks to be released on the App Store soon.

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