Behind the scenes of our everyday superhero video

After the brilliant success of the first three #EnableYourGreatness campaign videos, both MHR and the Spinning Clock team were keen to see just how far we could take the concept.

Upon sitting down with MHR, we arrived at the big question: “Where do we go next after a rock star granny, a bearded synchronised swimmer and an enthusiastic amateur wrestler…?” Answer: “We go BIGGER, that’s where!”

So, a week or so later we found ourselves in a derelict warehouse at midnight, in a shifty looking part of town, shooting Marvel-esque fight sequences between a musclebound, electrified villain and a super-powered HR Manager who won’t take no messin’!

The fourth video in the #EnableYourGreatness series is based around Ellie, a home-working HR Manager and mum of three who, as well as being a busy professional, also spends her time fighting super villains and protecting the planet!

We had great fun creating this script, sourcing locations, creating props and costumes that paid homage to traditional superhero tropes, such as the red cape (or cardigan in this case) and eye mask, created through contemporary make-up – provided again by the wonderful April Green (@paintedfaces_makeupcharts).


Shauna Shim (from BBC’s “The Worst Witch” & Lars von Trier’s “Dogville”) and Joel Hicks (model, actor, creative entrepreneur and founder of “Always With A Smile”) put on impressive performances as Ellie Electra and her arch rival, the evil Adminos. Marvel, if you’re reading, they’re waiting for your call!

Shauna and Joel

After our three day shoot at a beautiful, modernised Victorian home, green screen studio and derelict warehouse, what followed was the exciting prospect of spicing it all up with some impressive post production work!


Having shot the entire project in 4k, we had an enormous amount of flexibility should we have wished to tweak the composition a little, or to get two different shots out of the same piece of footage.

All editing and post production work was carried out by the Spinning Clock internal team in an
eye-wateringly short timeline!

Almost every shot had some element of VFX in order to give the video that special superhero feel! These ranged from phone and TV screen replacing, green screen compositing, to lighting and energy pulse effects.


To see more of the post production process check out the video below:

This project is a great example of the creative narrative, technical ability and commitment to quality on which our team pride themselves. The full video can be seen below:

To see more examples of our video and animation work check out our work section here:

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