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Thermo Fisher Scientific: The ‘Immunoassays’ VR Experience Launch

Long-term client Thermo Fisher Scientific asked us to create a Virtual Reality journey for Oculus based on a scooter ride through a fully immersive cityscape. The experience launched at this weekend’s Immunology 2017 conference in Washington DC.

Here’s the story in a nutshell of how it came to life…


Kicking off with the creation of an entirely custom-built futuristic 3D cityscape filled with giant scientific equipment, the landscape is filled with lab equipment, including microscopes, test tubes, Erienmeyer flasks and 96-well plates! Users are immersed in a 3D immunoassay-themed environment, with antibody street lighting and floating cells to boot!


Thermo Fisher Scientific wanted to educate users of the experience about their portfolio of immunoassays products along the journey; this is done through the inclusion of retro-style billboards, signage, voiceover and even a few flashing neon lights to draw attention to the key marketing messages.


The experience ends with a visit to a fully-modelled Thermo Fisher Scientific lab, with product info and all the tools the user could need to continue on their journey of scientific discovery.

The experience was launched this weekend at Immunology 2017 in Washington DC. The verdict so far? See for yourself:

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Today is the last day to catch the experience live at Immunology 2017, so if you happen to be there, don’t forget to stop by booth 301!

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