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The power of creative partnerships

Hawthorn are one of our valued partners, helping us put on amazing events for our clients through their years of staging, lighting and event build experience. 

In this blog post we will be discussing the value of creative partnerships and taking you on a behind-the-scenes tour of technical event production company Hawthorn’s warehouse.

According to a report by Powerlinx 75% of CEOs say strategic partnerships are essential to their growth. But how does this partnership look for agencies? For us building relationships is essential for mutually fostering creativity, boosting production and driving innovation across industries – and making sure we don’t rest on our laurels!

As a creative agency we’re always pushing ourselves further to be creative in new ways whether that’s through developing interactive games or pushing the boundaries of VR to their limit. Joining forces with businesses we value allow us to build on our own in-house knowledge to design pioneering experiences for our clients with trusted external teams who are incredibly informed in their area of expertise; in Hawthorn’s case this is using their technical expertise to deliver spectacular events.


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Hawthorn’s work includes award ceremonies and showcases, festivals, theatre performances including Sister Act, Gala balls, fashion shows. Our Project Manager Matt visited one of their warehouses to find out what goes on behind the scenes:

I’m not sure I was quite prepared for the warehouse tour of Hawthorn in Leicestershire. What transpired was a fascinating amble through Hawthorn’s 30 year history, a warehouse full of the latest lighting, sound, and AV toys as well as the trusted older technologies of years gone by.


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For us, knowing we have a partner with the depth and breadth of knowledge that Hawthorn possess ensures we know we can offer the very best options and service to our own clients.

Rob Szabo (the fount of all technical knowledge) led us on this tour, summoning snippets of information from all his 15 years of work.

2017-04-27 13.23.31

It’s hard not to feel excited but the examples of work that Hawthorn can demonstrate, whether it be live Top Gear Shows, Cosy Status Quo roadshows or their incredible Adobe show at the Excel in London, a show so vast it’s hard to comprehend the sheer volume of man hours needed to make an event like that happen.

If you thought your mountain of washing at home was big… it’s not, it’s actually very small, trust us. Hawthorn’s draping department can have mountains of washing that rival the size of my house.


But that didn’t seem to deter the cheeriness of the staff working there. They have a clear and engaging culture that’s refreshing to see in an organisation as large and as ambitious as Hawthorn. Everyone seemed to have clear roles and a clear goal to ensure their clients got the best service possible.

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