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Big Brands Love Nottingham [Updated]

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Last year Spinning Clock was honoured to be selected as one of Nottingham’s Top Ten Creative Companies at the Creative Class 2016 Awards.  At the awards ceremony, I gave a speech about why we remain firmly based in Nottingham, despite our London-centric client base. This is a subject that I get asked to speak about regularly by key influencers in our city and an area I can provide some insight for other businesses considering operating from Nottingham on a global scale.

Spinning Clock entered is the 15th year of trading in September last year and along the journey from start-up to the longest established creative agency in Nottingham, one thing that been proven over and over is that big brands love our location. There are lots of reasons for this, including our ‘heart of the UK’ vibe, our history, Robin Hood’s global recognition and the fact that we live in the leafy city only 90 mins from Kings Cross, but other than that – what are the real commercial reasons that keep our clients buying from us?

Are you in London?

Despite the common conception that London-based businesses prefer to work with London agencies, in our experience – it simply isn’t true. The fact is, as businesses based in the centre of the UK, we have the edge because not only can we can offer our clients the best possible access to markets across the UK, our talent pool is second to none. We like to think that major brands including Disney and the BBC get even better service from our studio here than they would from a London agency – our designers are hungrier, keener and less stressed out. The result, more creative output.

We can be there in 90 mins.

Yes, we spend a lot of our time in London and with our clients, but our travel time to them is less than 90 minutes door to door, that’s faster than some of our London clients’ own commute. This means we can keep overheads down and prices sensible, whilst being face to face whenever they need us. Combine that with some of the worlds best creative, medical and technical talent living here in Nottingham – a city with 2 Major Universities and the UK’s biggest BioScience Hub and it makes our offering as a city extremely competitive.

Over a decade of proof.

If you take our work with the Department of Health, the largest central government department as an example, we have a long-standing relationship with them that dates back to 2002. This is because the service we provide is not only cutting edge but cost effective and it is fuelled by our relationships with amazing local companies that share our vision that Nottingham is a great place to do business.

When organisations like the National Video Game Arcade choose Nottingham as their base it demonstrates the draw of this great city. International Trade partnerships with our sister city, Ningbo, home to 24 million people in China, also provide a wide reach to the global market.

Global relationships like these have allowed Spinning Clock to partner with global players such as virtual reality hardware developers Oculus Rift and to have worked with major players like Yahoo who have helped us lead by example in the digital marketing arena.

Central access to the markets.

Testament to this approach,  our recent interactive roadshows for Disney Junior, most notably for Miles from Tomorrow, Sofia the First and Lion Guard benefitted hugely from our Midlands based location, giving the client efficiencies in not only design and digital content production but also in transport and logistics as we rolled out events in Smyths Toy Stores across the UK, stretching as far North as Aberdeen.

True to our roots.

As our client base continues to grow with the addition of clients like Brocade in San Jose, California, and Thermo Fisher Scientific who work with us to develop VR content and complex interactive media to sell products across the globe – we still remain true to our roots; that our home is here in the good old leafy City of Nottingham.

For more about the services we offer from our HQ in Nottingham check out: http://www.spinningclock.com/services

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