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Spinning Clock visits Nottdance 2017

Nottdance 2017!

Last week Dance4 swung opened its studio doors to the general public. Local businesses, dancers, choreographers and creatives converged to debate, watch and network at Dance4’s city centre studios for the 24th Nottdance.

Nottdance festival is a showcase of dance and choreography in the UK comprising of a host of exciting free events. We were thrilled to go along to Choreographers Theo & Sally’s Open Studio and the Dance4 business reception. The reception offered a chance to talk with fellow festival goers and Dance4’s Head of Communications, Bec Lister, who warmly presented us with the jam-packed programme.


Next we joined a group of Nottdance attendees, fresh from debating, for Theo & Sally’s Open Studio event.

First we were introduced to a talented collective of 12 dancers who were performing snippets of Theo Clinkard’s new work entitled ‘This Bright Field’.  Fluid, haunting and fresh ‘This Bright Field’  explores slowly contracting and contorting bodies, intended to play with the idea of space and audience.

One particular highlight was the moment the performers decorated the studio with silver foiled paper. Theo then announced the next dance would be ‘something new they had tried yesterday’. A lone dancer took the floor and delivered a performance to live music and self-made sounds. It was breathtaking, emotional and lovingly enacted performance – we couldn’t believe it had only be conceived the day before.

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Next we were treated to a performance called ‘Renaissance’ by Sally Doughty and Pete Shenton. This was a supercharged improvised dance marrying comedy, genuine movements and personal experience. The audience were transported to a firework show, and brilliantly, a maracas-shaking session on a Cancun dance floor – all propelled by live music (and crumpling paper!). Riotous, nostalgic and gleeful, we loved the change of pace and energy that ‘Renaissance’ offered.



We are lucky enough to have worked with Dance4 on an exciting video project championing dance in Great Britain, see it here! For more information about Dance4, Nottdance and the performances listed in this article please visit:


Theo Clinkard

Sally Doughty

Pete Shenton

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