A Spinning Clock Sit-Down with…Tim

Tim is our Creative Director and self-confessed loud clapper. Read on to unveil Tim’s prolific beard knitting skills, penchant for film-making and top class creative job advice…

Hi Tim! Take us through what you do here at Spinning Clock.

As the Creative Director my role is to ensure the our design team maintain our award winning level of creativity, keep innovating and continue to respond to briefs in a strategic, intelligent and visually powerful way, whether that is through print, animation, video, digital media or live events.

As Creative Director I basically want our awesome (and remarkably attractive) design team to become one of the best in the UK at what we do. Working with exciting clients such as the BBC, the Walt Disney Company and the Capita Group shows we’re making some great headway.

As well as the above I am also a very loud clapper and love to encourage our achievements with lots of motivational clapping. With Radio 6 playing, Stuart’s tuneful whistling and my clapping the design studio is always full of lots of encouraging noise!




How would your colleagues describe you in three words?

Pickle-Loving Happy Clapper (hyphenated words are allowed as 1 right?).


Hyphenated words are highly encouraged! Can you tell us about what you get up to when you’re not at Spinning Clock HQ?

I’m a massive family man and with 3 kids there’s always loads of fun and physical activities to be getting up to. I’m also really passionate about film and (whenever I can make time) I love to make my own short films as well as watch a load of movies. I’ve been fortunate to win a few film competitions and get my films shown in various film festivals around the world.

In my spare time I also enjoy running and going through a huge amount of music on Spotify whilst I do that. As well as devouring digital music I have recently become a fully-fledged vinyl convert so I spend lots of time telling the team about my latest purchases! Nothing better than the pop and crackle of a rare 1962 Japanese pressing of the Beatles Red Album…





What’s the best part of being a member of the Spinning Clock team?

Apart from Panini Fridays? Creative collaboration is one of the best things about the Spinning Clock team. Everyone is a big team player and each staff member brings their own skills to the table whether it is sketching, story boarding, miraculous Photoshop wizardry, copy-writing or working out the logistics and production of a difficult project.

A particular memory that stands out is when the entire team stayed till about 4am in the dark basement of a nearby hospital to make sure we had all hands on deck to finish a particularly tricky piece of filming we required for a big CGI sequence. Fun times!






Do you have any advice for someone reading who aspires to become a Creative Director?

Passion for relentless creative improvement comes pretty high on the list. I think as a professional creative it can be tempting sometimes to rely on ideas you have seen or done before which leads to you creating a lot of client work that looks the same. I’m really proud of our team here in the way we are always pushing ourselves creatively, always finding inspiration and ensuring each project we do is treated as its own challenge with its own unique solution.

I think as well as the obvious – like just working very hard! – pursuing your own independent creative practice outside of work is also critical to keeping you fresh and inspired. Whether that’s illustrating, film making, animating or extreme hipster beard knitting. Whatever keeps those juices flowing and helps you progress creatively, just keep doing it!

Thanks Tim for chatting to us this week! Join us for Spinning Clock Sit-Downs every Friday and meet the rest of the SC team. We’re a friendly bunch – you can catch up with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too.



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