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A Spinning Clock Sit-Down with…Sophia

Meet Sophia: the latest addition to the Spinning Clock team, the author of ‘ A Spinning Clock Sit-Down with…’, and book obsessive!

Hi Sophia! Take us through what you do here at Spinning Clock.

I’m the Creative Project Assistant at Spinning Clock. The main bulk of my job is copy-writing, social media management and administration.

My role is a really an amalgamation of lots of different areas and that’s what makes it so exciting. In my first week I got stuck in at our incredible CBBC event in Manchester, wrote SEO website content, busted a huge pile of shredding and brainstormed ideas for our social media strategy. Actually as a creative project assistant I usually conduct these Spinning Clock sit-downs so it’s pretty peculiar being on the other side!

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How would your colleagues describe you in three words?


Superb Biscuit Chooser or Social Media Fangirl. It’s my life’s work to feature our team on our Instagram account.

Tell us about what you get up to when you’re not at Spinning Clock HQ.

I am usually found reading, currently Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughan and Swing Time by Zadie Smith, then, when I’m not feeling lazy, review what I read on my blog. A good book is a much cheaper way to travel somewhere else – something I try to do as much as I can.

I also enjoy telling other people what to do and how, some would call this teaching! I have been lucky enough to teach English across the world in Sri Lanka – here are some cheeky members of my class:

sri lkanka

If I’m not reading or nursing my bank account after travelling I’m writing and illustrating. I have a drawer at home stuffed with all sorts of things that are half-finished from a graphic novel to poetry, although it still remains to be seen if any of it is any good. Working in a design agency with so many talented designers is the perfect inspiration to create when I’m at home.


What’s the best part of being a member of the Spinning Clock team?
I noticed that everyone who has answered these blog stories has cited the incredible team as one of the main reasons Spinning Clock is a lovely place to work and I can’t help but agree. Everyone at Spinning Clock is dedicated to creating the best product they can for whoever they are working for. Extra hours grafting, endless quick-thinking and unparalleled creativity goes into everything they produce and it really shows. On top of that everyone still manages to be welcoming, helpful and hilarious.

I haven’t even mentioned I’ve been privileged enough to work with the likes of Disney and CBeebies, we have the best office dog in the world and we employ some smashing tea makers; all of these features are up there!

Do you have any advice for someone reading who aspires to be a Creative Project Assistant?
Get some relevant work experience, don’t expect to know exactly what you’re doing straight away (I certainly didn’t!) and be proactive and positive – even when you’re slogging through the less than glamorous jobs.

Working at a full service creative agency means that I have found myself learning about all the complex processes behind animation, emerging tech like VR and augmented reality, interactive events and video production. It can be challenging to juggle so much new content but the sheer creativity and hard work that goes into each project is great to be a part of. If you find yourself in a similar company my advice is to soak up as as much as possible from the talented designers, coders, marketers and project management team around you – they know their stuff and their know-how will be an invaluable guide.

Lastly when in doubt, write a list!

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Thanks Sophia for chatting to us this week! Join us for Spinning Clock Sit-Downs every Friday and meet the rest of the SC team. We’re a friendly bunch – you can catch up with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too.

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