Your guide to the best animated Christmas films

Already nabbed your copy of The Radio Times for the Christmas season? Here’s our Christmas present to you; a one-stop guide to feel-good festive classics you need to add to the top of your ‘to watch’ list this Christmas!

 Snowman and the Snow Dog

The Snowman and the Snowdog is a sequel to the animated TV special The Snowman. This heart-warming animated Christmas film tells the story of a little boy called Billy whose dog sadly passes away. When Billy discovers an old photo of a Snowman under his floorboards he decides to recreate the Snowman in the aged image and adds a Snowdog to keep him company. One night the Snowman and the Snowdog come to life!

The 24 minute film, which was first broadcast in December 2012, is beautifully created from over 200,000 hand drawn images. CGI was selectively incorporated to add to the final flourish to the  production.  The falling snow throughout was achieved through delicate application of motion graphics technology.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Dr Seuss’ original hand-draw animation ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas!’ also started life as a TV special, although surprisingly at the time of its release only received mediocre reviews.

If you haven’t seen the newer ‘The Grinch’ starring Jim Carrey – you should! – the original tells the story of the Grinch who lives in a cave atop Mt. Crumpit, above the town of Whoville and loathes Christmas.  The original TV show was first aired in 1966!

 A Christmas Carol

Directed by Robert Zemeckis, A Christmas Carol (2009) is an animated feature film produced by Walt Disney Studios based on Charles Dickens’ classic novel.

The story follows Ebenezer Scrooge, played by Jim Carrey, an elderly man who despises Christmas until he is visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future on Christmas Eve…

The Nightmare before Christmas

Tim Burton’s 1993 fantasy film is a stop-motion animation produced by Walt Disney Studios. Jack Skellington, the King of Halloween Town, discovers the magic of Christmas Town and is instantly has a burning desire to celebrate the festive holiday. But convincing his fellow inhabitants that Christmas is worth celebrating…

The Polar Express

One of our favourite Christmas films on this list! The Polar Express is a 2004 big budget 3D animation feature film based on the 1985 children’s book by Chris Van Allsburg. Upon its release it was hailed as the first all-digital capture film.

This film was also directed by Robert Zemeckis. Tom Hank plays six separate characters including Hero Boy, the Conductor and Santa Claus – this Christmas film is worth a watch for this incredible fact alone!

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