A Spinning Clock Sit-Down With…Anna

In this week’s sit-down we catch up with our designer Anna – if you’re a keen on illustration this week’s blog post is a must-read!


Hi Anna! Take us through what you do here at Spinning Clock.

My favourite type of day at work starts when a new challenging brief comes in. First the team will meet up and discuss new ideas, moving from inventive brain storms toward specific research. I like projects with a lot of creative freedom that give a lot of room for flexibility, require discovering new technologies and thinking outside the box.

My normal days at work quite often revolve around looking for new solutions and using new software. Most of my design work involves working in 3D and one of the most exciting new areas of this is VR. Every project and every client is different so my workflow can be really diverse.

I also enjoy working on event designs which include digital activities and games. As an illustrator and animator I take great pleasure when I’m creating digital paintings or motion graphics. Most recently I got to see one my drawings come to life on a giant scale as the floor for our Lion Guard event at Westfield London.

Lion Guard Floor

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Cheerful, outgoing, adventurous – and maybe for a forth word Polish ; )

What’s the best part of being a member of the Spinning Clock team?

The best part of being part of the Spinning Clock team is being able to work together and share creative flow. It’s inspiring to work alongside gifted people. Working with a wide variety of small or big clients, very often leads to inspiring projects and even better designs.

Do you have any advice for anyone trying to become a designer?

My education was focused on illustration and animation so I can only say: Drawing! Drawing! And more Drawing!



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