Getting Bugged About Sustainability

Ltd Limited asked us to create a series of short animations to explain their commitment to sustainability. But in keeping with their creative and playful business approach they asked us to do it through a character called Sonny, a domesticated amazonian caterpillar.


Like many responsible businesses these days, our friends over at LTD Limited take sustainability and being environmentally friendly very seriously. They are a thriving company who are proud of their development and implementation of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. In their words:

For LTD, being sustainable is an ongoing process and not a quick fix. We don’t want responsibility to be a box-ticking exercise, we’re learning as we go and are aware that we’ll sometimes need to reappraise things or seek expert help and advice on how to proceed. We want to be open not just about what we’re doing but also about the process behind it.

For more information about Ltd Limited’s Sustainability approach check out their website here

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