Max on MAX and MAXON!

Spinning Clock apprentice, the aptly named Max, gave the team an inspiring presentation about the Adobe MAX 2015 conference that took place this week in LA.

The conference saw the unveiling of a whole range of updates to Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite of products.

One key development in the field of design is the integration of Photoshop with a new app called Fuse. Fuse allows designers to create highly detailed 3D models that can be imported into any Photoshop project. In addition, the launch of a series of new mobile apps will facilitate greater flexibility in the sharing of ideas and creativity across multiple devices.

Improvements in video editing include detailed facial tracking in After Effects and the new Remix audio feature added to Audition.

Max also presented an overview of the exciting new updates to MAXON’s Cinema 4D software. This video provides a brief insight into what is now possible with this powerful software – remember, everything in this clip is entirely computer-generated.

Our design team pride themselves on their position at the cutting edge of design solutions in print, mobile, video and interactive digital media and can’t wait to cut their teeth on some of the new tools available. We look forward to showing you the visual treats they come up with!


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