Visitors from China!

This week we had the great honour of welcoming some very special guests to Spinning Clock. Minister Shen Beili, First Secretary and Deputy Head of Policy Planning Li Yi, and Third Secretary Jiang Peng from the Chinese Embassy were in Nottingham for the ten-year celebration of its twinning with Ningbo, China.

Anthony Byrne, from Nottingham City Council’s Creative and Digital Growth Hub, chose to showcase Spinning Clock as a prime example of a growing SME in Nottingham’s Creative Quarter that has benefited from council funding and advice.

David Lister and Tim Bassford were delighted to show our visitors around our lovely offices in the Lace Market and tell them all about the fantastic support we have received from Nottingham City Council as our business has grown and attracted clients from all over the world.

We are also thrilled with the delicious Chinese green tea that they brought as a gift (less exciting perhaps, but much more office-friendly, than the two stone lions that were gifted to University of Nottingham’s Highfields Park)!

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