Flaming Hot Filming!

As part of a larger promotional campaign for the Fire Service College we were asked to create a short video for their revolutionary Mobile Carbonaceous Training Unit (MCTU).

Unlike most other fire training simulations, the MCTU burns wood and not controlled gas. It is therefore able to create a far more realistic burn for firefighters to experience and train with. Being portable and with a second filtering unit that removes all harmful fumes the MCTU is the first of it’s kind in the UK.

In order to capture the drama, emotion and intensity of the training in practice we shot on a Red Scarlet that enabled higher frame rates and increased resolution for highest possible picture quality. We also used a GoPro camera attached to firefighters as they entered the MCTU.

We all assumed the GoPro would be ruined by the end of the day as temperatures in the MCTU can exceed 600 degrees (!) – however all credit to the little wonder camera, it survived and gave us some great ‘fire-fighters’ point of view footage!

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