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Derby Open Centre Update


As previously blogged, we are working with the Derby Open Centre to create an interactive exhibition centre focused on hertitage and different local cultures (funded by the Heritage Lottery). As part of this project, we are creating documentary videos of five families that live in Derby. These families were chosen because of their different points of view in terms of  family history, heritage and faith. This documentaries are focusing on the heritage ‘journey’ of the families through the eyes of the children within each family.

We can say that it was an absolute pleasure spending time with these families!! Each family have opened their house to us, been very hospitable and accommodating of our film crew and in some cases completely re-arranged their homes for us to get the best shots! Spending time with these families has been so enlightening and listening to the children telling the story of their family is very inspirational.

A lasting memory from working on location was with Alex and Owen. They were playing up to the camera and being very entertaining, the boys are very talented, musically-minded and are spend some of their free time singing as choir boys at Derby Cathedral. On location at the Cathedral the boys explain the process of getting ready to sing, putting on the choirboys uniform and then we moved through into the stunning Cathedral to film the boys singing….. The boisterous fun-loving boys turned into Angels. When they sang for us, their amazing voices certainly took us all by surprise and it proved to be quite an emotional experience!

We are hoping to screen the final 5 short documentaries at the Derby Quad cinema later on in the summer. They will then be available to see at the all new Derby Open Centre Experience – Coming Soon!!



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