Our team meet a seven-time Oscar winner!

Gary Rydstrom at Antenna

Our team had the chance this week to meet seven-time Oscar winner Gary Rydstrom, famous for his work on films such as Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, Toy Story, Titanic, Saving Private Ryan and many more. Not a bad list of credits I’m sure you’ll agree!

He was visiting Nottingham University as he has agreed to join their Institute for Screen Industries Research, and while he was in town he popped down to Antenna to discuss his work. He was joined by Julian Pinn, Director of Cinema Marketing (EMEA) and Gianluca Sergi, Director of the Institute for Screen Industries Research at Nottingham Uni.

Gary began in the industry as a sound designer and mixer, working at Lucasfilm and then Pixar where he made the jump to direction thanks to some encouragement from his friend John Lasseter. He has won seven oscars for sound editing and been nominated for many more, as well as a nod for his animated short ‘Lifted’ which he created at Pixar.

All in all it was a fascinating and insightful discussion on the use of sound with film and the future of cinema, mixed with a few hollywood anecdotes. Thanks to Antenna for putting on such a great event!

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