Top Tips: Adding video to your marketing mix

10 Top TipsHere at Spinning Clock we enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from helping others. With that in mind, Spinning Clock’s Video Team have lovingly prepared some tips on how to best utilise video in your marketing strategy.

Every body likes a good story

1. Everybody likes a good story –  The key to good video marketing is to hold the audiences attention, and the key to that is to make the content interesting. Videographers and filmmakers are storytellers first and foremost – if you can’t keep your audience hooked from the start then they will soon get bored and go watch something else. A good example is our Life Technologies viral campaign.


Don't Dawdle2.  Don’t dawdle – Be succinct and to the point with your video. You only need to intrigue the audience and make them understand what it is you are marketing. If the viewer is interested enough they will click through to a website or make a phone call to find out more. Take a look at our Ikano animation for a short but sweet example.

Make them Remember You

3.  Make them remember you – A clever or funny idea will make your audience remember and even want to share your video.  With the increasing accessibility of video online and mobile devices combined with social media, you could even have a viral hit on your hands! Here are some great examples of classic viral hits.


Count Production Value not Pennies4.  Count production value not pennies  – While using your smartphone and Windows moviemaker to make a video will save you money, in the long term it really pays to hire in professionals with the equipment and skills to do your video justice. Audiences are becoming increasingly bombarded with film and video, and will easily spot shoddy lighting, composition, audio and vfx. Make sure your video oozes quality as it says a lot about the product and who is offering it – namely you! Check out our Greenwich University video as an example of this.


Build Trust in your Brand5.  Build trust in your brand – Video is much more immediate than the written word and allows audiences to see who and what they are dealing with. In a well-executed video the audience can quickly see what it is you are marketing and how to use it. You can even include case studies to add credibility to your product or service. Our Capita Total Mobile video includes this type of content.


Planning is everything6.  Planning is everything – Always make sure you have everything in place and know exactly what it is you want from the video or film you are making – even better, if budget allows find a good agency to take care of this for you. Don’t try and ‘wing it’ as your video will end up being compromised and come across as unprofessional.

Global is local

7.  Global is local – Video can now be viewed practically anywhere through different kinds of mobile devices and online marketing (eshots, newsletters, online publishing tools). Social media and video sharing can generate massive viral interest in your brand. Once you have created your video make sure you upload it online to video streaming sites like YouTube and Vimeo so everyone can view it. View our Vimeo channel here.

Shout about it

8.  Shout about it – There’s no point making a video if no one knows it’s there. With social media, SEO and other marketing tools like eshots there really is no excuse no to get potential viewers (and customers) watching. SEO is now favouring video so if you make multiple or regular videos you should set up your own Youtube channel, which will ultimately increase traffic to your own website.


Get animated9. Get animated –  Sometimes the best way to show off your wares is to create animation or motion graphics that show how they work. This can be created in any style and can be lighthearted, serious or simply informative. Animation can be done without the need for locations, actors and many other budget sapping factors, so often makes sense financially. Take a look at some animation we did for Life Technologies here.

Get on with it

10.  Get on with it – In our increasingly digital world video content and its audience is expanding constantly. YouTube on it’s own now averages over 4 billion hits a day and over 70% of B2B marketers use video as part of their marketing strategy. So don’t get left behind – think not of whether you can afford video but more importantly if you can afford not to. And start making your video now!


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