10 ways to make your promo video work harder

Make your promotional video work harderSo you’ve got an idea, a script and are weighing up your options for casting and crew. But will your video turn out to be a triumph or a damp squib? Here are a few thoughts to consider before you commit your budget: 

  1. Story & structure – try to engage your audience with a well-structured and planned out story that carries throughout your video. Uninteresting footage with monotone narration will send our audience to sleep.
  2. Interviews & Soundbites – These can add a more personal feel to a video and generate trust in a brand or product. Seeing real people talk about real situations or products in a heartfelt way can make a video much more credible.
  3. Motion graphics – Add some visual flair and interest by adding motion graphics into the video mix. These can be informative, amusing or might simply add polish to existing footage. Some footage may not be needed on location if motion graphics or animation can tell the same information more clearly.
  4. Soundtrack & audio – The right soundtrack is always key to maintaining momentum and tone thoughout a video.  For example if you want a corporate feel to your film heavy metal might not be the way to go! Also using the correct type of mic and sound equipment will make editing and therefore communicating your message much easier.
  5. Lighting – This is key to making many simple shots feel high production. Well-lit interviews and interior shots can add atmosphere and interest to even the dullest material.
  6. High production shots – pans and zooms on a handheld camera are fine for a holiday video but can look a little amateurish in the corporate and professional video world. If you have the budget you can include jib, crane and steadicam shots, extreme slo-motion and many other techniques to make your video feel much higher quality.
  7. Be professional – always get the best equipment you can afford and inline with this get the best cameramen, soundmen and actors you can find.  Amateur actors and other hirelings are a false economy as they will take twice as long to do a job and you will not get the quality output you need.
  8. Make it fun – Don’t bore your audience with a lengthy and complicated script. Try to make the storyline or other material punchy and to the point and don’t try and be too serious with the content unless it really needs to be. If you can make your audience smile with your video then you are onto a winner.
  9. Make a plan – Make sure you have some kind of marketing campaign organized to promote your video, and make sure it continually evolves as the popularity of your video does. At the end of the day if no one knows about your video it doesn’t matter how great it is – no one will see it.
  10. Get online – Following on from the previous tip, online marketing is a fantastic way to promote and generate interest in your video and brand. Plan an online marketing blitz through video portals and social media – it’s an easy and very effective way to create a buzz about your video if done the right way.


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