10 great viral video campaigns

Viral campaigns and the use of online video can have a massive impact on the promotion of a new brand or service. The right combination of creativity and humour can often create overnight sensations that reach millions of viewers. We’re currently working on some viral campaigns and as part of our research we thought we might share what has become our top 10 list of viral videos.  So here’s the selection, listed in no particular order. Enjoy!

1) Federer trickshot

Roger Federer shows off his moves at Gillette ad shoot:


2) Old Spice

The great video viral campaign from Old Spice –  Smell Like a Man, Man.

More videos from the campaign on the Old Spice website


3) Burger King – Subservient Chicken

An oldie but an absolute classic. Get chicken just the way you like it here.

Subservient chicken









4) Lynx Excite –  Angels Have Fallen

Augmented reality on a grand scale:


5) Volkswagen: The Force

A pint-sized Darth Vader uses the force against a VW Passat:


6) Samsung – Extreme Sheep LED art

A flock of LED coated sheep run around the hills of Wales:


7) Blendtec – Will it Blend?

In this particular example – an ipad. But will it blend? Apple fans look away now!


8) T-Mobile – The Dance

The moment Liverpool street station danced into viral history:


9) Inspired Bicycles

Danny MacAskill pulls off some incredible tricks in Edinburgh:


10) Nike – The Kobe Bryant Jumps

Nike get some their shoes viral by asking Kobe Bryant to jump over a moving car and a pool of snakes:

If we’ve missed off any of your favorites let us know!…

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