10 advantages of using video in your marketing

Video marketingThe saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ is never more true than in video. Video marketing allows you to reach a potential audience of millions around the world and if done well can send your brand awareness through the stratosphere.

Here are ten advantages of using video in your marketing strategy:

1)   Instantly engage your audience – The visual medium of video holds the interest of people much more than simple text, and can immediately ‘hook’ viewers and generate emotional responses in a subject matter.

2)   Global access – Video can now be viewed practically anywhere through different kinds of mobile devices and online marketing (eshots, newsletters, online publishing tools). Social media and video sharing can generate massive viral interest in your brand.

3)   View whenever you want – On demand video can be viewed whenever the audience wants to. It can be downloaded and stored offline for later viewing or to share with others.

4)   Make your brand memorable – Video marketing is a proven medium of getting a message across to an audience – just think of the many memorable tv commercials that have stuck in peoples minds over the past few years and even decades.

5)   SEO – search engines now give priority to video over text on websites, so including video on your site will improve your page rank.

6)   Increase your brand reach – A larger audience can be achieved with video, as people prefer the instant hit that video can deliver.

7)   Target a captive audience – Provide short, targeted information about a particular product, service or yourself but in a way that your audience won’t feel like they are being given the hard sell.

8)   Convert sales with less effort – Pre-selling a product or service with quality video will increase the conversion rate of sales, as people can already envisage how they will use it.

9)   Build trust in your brand – video is much more personal than the written word and allows audiences to see who and what they are dealing with.

10)   Save money and time – Videos aren’t as expensive to produce as you think and are proven to generate sales and leads much more effectively than hard selling and the written word. They can be used over and over again and shown to as many people as you like without any extra cost.

Spinning Clock are always looking for engaging ways to incorporate video into your marketing campaign. If you would like some help or advice on this drop us a line.

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