Augmented reality on an exhibition stand – A video case study

We’re thrilled to see that our recent trial of Augmented Reality (AR) has produced some great results for one of our clients.

For those of you who don’t know what it is, AR basically takes a real-life scene and adds extra data in the form of computer generated imagery. This allows the viewer to understand more about the scene than they would normally. In this case, we displayed information about a particular person within the scene, including their buying habits and opinions on social issues.

It’s activated by a specially coded marker, which can be embedded in a variety of everyday objects. This is then held in front of a webcam, which detects the marker, translating it into videos and images on screen. It sounds complicated, but the effect is both simple and impressive!

The technology has been relatively unused in the UK event industry, so when independent research company JRA Research asked us to design their stand at this year’s Marketing Week Live! it seemed like a great opportunity to introduce it.

A webcam was built into the stand to detect the customised marker. The marker itself was printed on the back cover of the event guide, embedded within the hat of the model, with visitors being directed to the stand to ‘see inside the mind’ of the consumer.

Once at the stand, the guide was held up to the webcam, and the visitor saw a number of animated facts relating to the consumer spring from the guide on the plasma screen directly in front of them. As you can see, from the video (above), it got a great response!

Not only was it a big talking point, but it also produced some measurable results for JRA, helping to boost footfall and sales leads.

It just goes to show that new technology has great potential in events and that applied in the right way can be a valuable tool to drive stand traffic and create an experience which people remember.

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