Promotional giveaways: the secret to exhibition success

Every exhibitor faces the same challenge – how to get delegates onto their stand and to engage with their brand or message.

This is where giveaways come in, but choosing the right incentive is not always simple, so our managing director Don Turner has some advice on how to use promotional items to their full potential:

“A lot of exhibitors see giveaways as a way to reinforce their brand following the event, but they actually have a more important primary purpose – to get people to stop and engage. Popular promotional items such as pens don’t achieve this, as many delegates feel comfortable taking a pen and walking on.

“To get people to stop at a stand, an incentive with a perceived higher value is needed, but it also has to be something that attracts the right type of delegate. Many people would crowd around your stand if you offered champagne, but how many would actually be interested in what you have to say?

“We’ve found that the most effective giveaways are ones which match the brand of the exhibitor with the target delegate. Recently, we designed branded water bottles for NHS Choices, which linked in perfectly with its message promoting a healthy lifestyle choice, as well as being perceived as both useful and desirable by delegates.

“The success of incentives can be difficult to gauge and many exhibitors see them as an optional extra to be cut back when tightening budgets, but if delegates must perform an action to receive the item, such as handing over a business card or filling in a survey, a value can be placed on each giveaway, enabling future budgeting decisions to be made on raw data rather than speculation.

“We’ve recently had great success with our specially designed promotional products, including baby thermometers, branded apples and USB memory sticks. Take a look at the incentives section on our website to find out how we can help you choose the right giveaway for your stand.”

You can read more of Don’s incentive comments and suggestions in the August edition of Stand Out magazine.

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