10 secrets every exhibitor needs to know!

We’ve put together our top ‘10 secrets of a successful exhibition stand‘ in a simple guide – here’s the first 3, download the PDF to get all 10:

1. Start simple
If you are just starting out don’t be tempted to go too big too early. Find an agency that is happy to provide
you with a smaller stand that can be built up over time. This lowers your initial spend and will give you a solution which can grow with your needs.

2. Go modular
There is a wide range of modular kit on the market that can be used to create sophisticated exhibition solutions that look custom made. Modular kit is easy to build, expand, transport and store, which means lower costs in all of these areas.

3. Measure your success
Monitor how many visitors you get on each day of your show and record their feedback. Don’t be afraid to run polls and ask delegates to fill in questionnaires, they are usually happy to have an opportunity to be heard and will give you the data you need to improve your service.

Read all 10 here: 10 secrets of a successful exhibition stand.PDF

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  1. Hi, David. Thanks for the great PDF on 10 Secrets of a Successful Exhibition Stand. It’s good to see that people are sharing their wisdom with others. Well done! Best, Jamie Turner

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