Competition on the 19th of Oct

I became Duke’s official owner on the 30th of August and so moved him to a different livery yard that was closer to my home. He settled in fine and he has 2 friends in his field and they all get on very well. It was a relief that he settled ok I can tell you.

Due to all the change we haven’t been out to a competition since the championships in July but decided to go out on the 16th of Oct. I wasn’t sure how he was going to go, it also didn’t help that he wasn’t in the best of moods when I got to the stables on the morning of the competition. I got on with my jobs, getting the trailer ready, plaited him up and got ready to go. His mood had improved by the time I was ready to load up as he realised that we were going out!

We got to the venue and I had a walk around to familiarise myself and I realised that the warm up area was very small. I knew this wasn’t ideal as you need to have plenty of room when warming up, especially as Duke is so big.

I got tacked up and mounted ready to start warming up. We walked into the warm up area which was now getting very busy. Duke took a disliking to the other horses getting so close to him and I was also cut up a few times which he really didn’t like as I had to emergency stop him. After that Duke pulled a face at any horse that came anywhere near him! His mood returned and he wasn’t warming in very well due to the fact it was difficult to concentrate with so many people to be aware of.

Even though Duke was not in the frame of mind for working very well we managed to come 2nd in both our classes which was really good, although I was a little disappointed because I knew he could have gone so much better.

We are planning to go out to our next competition on the 16th of Nov so look out for the next update!

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