Interactive Multimedia

Harnessing new technologies to deliver powerful marketing messages.

Creating a powerful user connection

Interactive multimedia can mean many things, from large-scale touch screen presentations, to augmented reality (AR), smartphone apps, or motion controlled games to name a few. Spinning Clock continually push the boundaries of interactive digital technologies and have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands to deliver new experiences that allow users to connect with a brand like never before.

Enhance and engage

There are many ways to create a powerful interactive multimedia experience. We can create material from scratch to your exacting requirements or we can also adapt your existing materials - be it videos, 3D models, audio or imagery into a powerful, innovative new customer experience.

Cross-platform and perfectly scalable

When creating a rich media experience we will always have final method of delivery in mind. Wherever possible we create interactive experiences that can be seen seamlessly across multiple platforms –be it smartphone, tablet, desktop or VR hardware.

Working in partnership with you

We assign an experienced team to your project and provide you with a single point of contact, who will work closely with you to understand the objectives and immerse themselves in your brand. Our highly skilled team of interactive content designers will guide you through the process, from concept development and script writing to showing you how to integrate interactive digital content with your live event.

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