Workflow Video Series


The Brief

Our client, Life Technologies, required a series of 4 step-by-step videos to help guide their customers through a series of common lab-based workflows.

Whilst showing the various stages of these workflows Life Technologies also wanted to highlight key points where they would inject some specialist knowledge or handy hint for lab researchers. These videos were to be a step-by-step guide but also have this additional higher level of expertise so that all research professionals (whether early in their career or seasoned specialists) could gain insights from these videos.


We filmed these 4 technical videos in Life Technologies Labs in Foster City, CA. Working with the product specialist team, each of the 4 workflows was filmed from start to finish. We then broke the workflow down into smaller sections where we wanted to highlight key stages. Some of these were filmed much closer up to show finer detail, other sections were filmed from a wide range of angles to show vital information.

We then combined this live-action footage with animations and motion graphics to highlight key information as well as to pull out vital ‘Tips and Tricks’ sections. We also helped write the script for each video and suggested ways edit them to ensure they were as succinct and impactful as they could be, given the complex subject matter.


4 powerful workflow videos that are informative and substantial whilst also remaining engaging, well presented and accessible for researchers at any stage in their career.