Life Technologies – CaptureSelect™


The Brief

When one of our bio-science clients – Life Technologies – required an animation to promote a new product range called CaptureSelect™ they turned to us to design, storyboard and animate it. Here comes the science…

CaptureSelect™ affinity products have been specifically developed to tackle product purification, especially for recombinant proteins that may require multiple chromatographic steps.

Ordinarily this may lead to poor overall yields from these proteins; especially those displaying reduced stability, those that form isoforms or misprocessed variants, or proteins that need to be purified from mixtures containing a high degree of contaminants. Thankfully CaptureSelect™ affinity products tackle these limitations and provide a much increased purity and yield of samples.

Get all that? Great! Of course to the design boffins at Spinning Clock, visualising such specialised scientific terminology is child’s play.


The animation tells the story of two scientists – a chap called Mike and lady called Marie. Mike is struggling with the existing methods of protein purification, while Marie is using the new CaptureSelect™ method.

These two methods are demonstrated side by side during the animation, highlighting the obvious benefits of the CaptureSelect™ product range. This is all done in a playful cartoon style mixed with detailed 3D diagrams and illustrations, a combination that keeps the viewer engaged during the explanation of some complicated scientific processes.


A lighthearted showcase for Life Technologies’ latest product range that makes the science seem simple.