Derby Open Centre – 5 Documentaries


The Brief

The Derby Open Centre has been established for over 30 years promoting understanding between different communities through raising awareness of faith and cultural heritage. They promote good community relations between British citizens, no matter what their background or belief. A great cause I’m sure you’ll agree and one that we were keen to help!

They initially approached us to advise them on a major new exhibition that is to be created, with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Part of this brief was to create 5 mini-documentaries that presented different families and explore their heritage, culture and personal journeys.


We first set about introducing ourselves to the families and getting to know a little about their history, their culture, heritage and key interests. Following several group meetings where the children were all briefed on what we would like to film and the process we would be going through to make these mini documentaries we then set about filming the families.


These videos have captured 5 very distinct families all from very different backgrounds. Each of the videos will prove a brilliant tool for educating future generations on different faiths and cultural heritage. They will also serve as a powerful tool for the future Derby Open Centre Heritage Exhibition.

As an added bonus, after we completed the filming and editing of these films, Derby Quad Cinema were kind enough to screen all 5 films at a ‘Premiere’ where all of the families could invite friends and extended family to see what we’d been up to. The response was extremely positive from all.