Inspiring Winter Video Campaigns

We love making captivating marketing videos here at Spinning Clock HQ, its part of what we do best.

Before the release of the long-awaited John Lewis Christmas advert later this week we have put together some of the best video marketing campaigns and viral sensations starring Britain in Autumn/Winter. We are chatting about what makes them such resounding successes!

Halloween Spooks

Tesco launched their haunted ‘Spookermarket’ marketing campaign last Halloween. This video production worked so well essentially because it was a bit of fun that really involved the customers who were browsing the store’s shelves.

Take a look at how Tesco transformed one of their ordinary supermarkets into a ‘Spookermarket’ of nightmares and gained 2 million views in the process:

Stunning Fireworks

Sony used an awe-inspiring firework extravaganza to emphasize their ‘celebrate every detail’ tagline for their Sony Bravia advert in 2015. The key feature of this advert are the fireworks illuminating every scene in captivating high definition.

By homing in on this one element that some devices fail at capturing, Sony expertly showcased their technology as a cut above their competitors; showing their viewers the 4K HD capability of the Bravia rather than telling them.


Winter Warmers 

High quality and quintessentially British, this autumnal video production really highlights Waitrose’s brand values: quality food that is comforting and brings your British family together.

By focusing on a common British complaint – the cold – and providing a solution; heart-warming, hot food from Waitrose, this campaign is simple yet effectively taps into British sensibilities.

Christmas Calamity

Sainsbury’s ‘Mog’s Christmas Calamity’ is a lesson in how to use emotion, in this case – nostalgia – as a marketing tool.

‘Mog the Cat’ is Judith Kerr’s cult classic children’s book series loved by readers young and old. Bringing back this much-loved character was a masterstroke by the supermarket chain in connecting with their broad customer demographic by transporting them back to their childhood.

The John Lewis Christmas Advert 

No one knows Christmas like John Lewis. In the last few years John Lewis Christmas adverts have become a marker that festive season has finally arrived and the company have an extremely loyal fan base of several million viewers as a result. But where did this universal appeal come from? Storytelling.

The most enthralling marketing videos always tell a story that personally resonates with their audience. Last year’s John Lewis campaign told the story of a lonely man on the moon discovered by a little girl at Christmas and narrates how the pair become friends despite being worlds apart.


Featured Image: (via Youtube/John Lewis)

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