A Spinning Clock Sit-down with… Nicola

Today we had a chat with Senior Project Manager Nicola about what goes on behind the scenes of our video shoots (it involves a lot a fabric), cake appreciation and some seriously good advice on bagging yourself a top job.


Hi Nicola, can you take us through an average day at work?

As Senior Project Manager, I’m responsible for the overall management of a number of my own projects, as well as ensuring the rest of the project management team and their clients are happy too. My days are hugely varied depending on what projects I’m working on.  Day-to-day tasks involve budgeting, time-planning, briefing designers and presenting to clients. I might also be sourcing and recording voice-over talent for videos, managing logistics with event venues, or working with the production team creating exciting new props for events.

More random tasks in the past have included sewing somewhere in the region of 100 metres of fabric that was needed for the set of a Life Science video (my handiwork can be seen here: and scouring local charity shops  for mountains of photo frames for the design of a heritage event.

It sounds like no two days are the same – so what’s your favourite thing about being part of the Spinning Clock team?

Working with such talented and ambitious people every day is amazing – it means that we work on incredible projects with fantastic clients – and we have lots of fun whilst we’re doing it! My favourite projects are live events because they’re a real team effort. After weeks of hard work I love to see them physically come together and see people enjoying and interacting with the results of the team’s hard work.

Tell us about what you get up to when you’re not at Spinning clock HQ?

I play netball a couple of times a week, although I would say my enthusiasm outweighs my ability!

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Cake-eater, radio-sing-along-er, cocktail-drinker


Finally, do you have any advice for anyone trying to enter the industry?

Get stuck in – don’t wait for opportunities to come to you, go and find them!

Thanks Nicola for chatting with us! Each week we’ll give you a chance to meet a member of our lovely team. So if you’re as nosey as us, join us here on the blog for Spinning Clock Sit-downs every Friday.

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