“We’re all going on a summer holiday”

As the famous Cliff Richard once said, “We’re all going on a summer holiday”. Recently a couple of the gang have been going to some pretty cool places in the world. We’ve had Disney World (TWICE!!), Cornwall and even a trip to Canada.

Not too long ago three members of the Spinning Clock clan jumped to the other side of the pond to say hello to Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Pluto at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Our good friend Lydia made her way there first to have a cracking time with her niece and nephew at the magical kingdom and the animal kingdom.

Looking well WITH Walt

Our newly-wed Nicola Mills soon made her own way over the pond for her honeymoon but this time went to Canada. The newly wed couple had a bit of an adventure over there going through Vancouver, Toronto and Emerald Lake.

What’s not to lovE

As well as America and Canada we also had a few holiday explorers a bit closer to home in Cornwall, Wales and Ireland. Matt spent ten days in Gower in the south of Wales getting to know the locals and learning the ways of the waves. Conall spent three days at Truck Festival listening to local talent from Oxford and big names such as Kodaline and Big Narstie.

A bit further south in Devon, Mark our animation magician was having a great time going for walks in the lovely forests and barbecuing whilst looking over the sunset. How romantic…


If you’re planning on having a bit of a break in the fine city of Nottingham you should check out the work that we have done with Nottingham City Council to help create the Nottingham Trail. This trail boasts all of the best parts of Nottingham. Why not have a quick look on here:  http://www.spinningclock.com/work-ncc


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